Zebra - MP3

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ZEBRA In this guided meditation you will embrace your uniqueness and raise self-confidence. Enjoy the tranquility of the savanna with male African vocals and the kalimba.


 While listening to this exotic audio, you will feel like you are in the Serengeti.  Enlightened male vocals, eclectic rhythmical beats, infused with personal and meaningful messages.  The Zebra has powerful insight for you.  This animal has the most distinctive coat in all the animal kingdom.  Their patterns and stripes unique, like fingerprints.  No two are alike.  Just like you, unique!  At night the white in their coats glow in the dark under the moon-lit sky.

Zebra’s symbolize:

balance    individuality

creativity    clarity    social

unique    enjoys challenges    protector    protectress

Guided meditation is the easiest and quickest method to increase your vitality, inner happiness, and enhanced well-being.  You will find harmony in your feelings and momentum.  You have an Almighty presence within, gifting you beauty, handsomeness, protection, and wisdom.  Sometimes we forget, neglect or get too busy to reunite with this state of grace.  However, it is always within.  Meditation boosts endorphins.  It is a neurotransmitter that your body uses like a natural pain reliever.  After a light jog or brisk walk, or exercise people experience a “runners high”.  It feels real good.

Have you ever had moments where you had an all-over sense of happiness?   These same blissful feelings are experienced by people who also meditate.  People that meditate have higher levels of endorphins.  If only you could bottle them, package and sell endorphins on the shelf.  Nothing can duplicate its powerfulness.

Your body has its own natural capacity to crate these pleasant feel good feelings.  It’s so easy and fun; all you have to do is listen to the guided meditation audios.  Guided meditation also increases your GABBA.  GABBA is a neurotransmitter in your nervous system and balances moods, like anxiety, worry, tension and nervousness.

Enjoy all of the 20 CD’s in the Relax to Go™  collection.  Experience deep meditative, restorative peace in minutes.  Enjoy optimum health in your mind, body and spirit.

$16.99 (tax incl.)