Wolf - MP3

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WOLF This easy and fun guided meditation is unique and will get you into your zone pronto! Wonderful sound effects from nature and this amazing animal spirit guide, the Wolf. Wolf symbolizes loyalty, guardianship, teacher and so much more.


The wolf is regarded as one of the most powerful spirit guides. It’s message is guidance. It is a teacher, teaching you to develop your confidence and inner strength. Is there someone whom you know and respect, who is wise? They can help you with the issue or challenge you are facing now.

The unique traits of the wolf are:

intuition    loyalty    guidance

teacher  ceremony  respect

moon      communication

This guided meditation is very soothing, calming, and relaxing. Release stress and anxiety with this stunning superior quality relaxation CD/MP3 download. You will be guided into a deep state of physical, spiritual, emotional and mental relaxation. Nature sounds, sounds of the wolf, and sound effects are recorded at a harmonic vibrational frequency. Echoing vocals captivate you as you feel the sound effects and powerful suggestions.
This is state of the art audio digital recording. Diane’s soothing voice embedded with artistically mastered music will easily guide you into complete relaxation and bliss. This meditation, guided visualization technique will help you with your everyday life challenges with a brand new inner peace and calm.
Break free from your hectic schedule, long to-do lists and gift your well-being. Maybe you are a giver, now is the time to give to yourself and receive. What could be more important than your well-being. Pro-active, self-care, integrating.
Enjoy all of the 20 CD’s in the Relax to Go™ collection. Experience deep meditative, restorative peace in minutes. Optimum health in your mind, body and spirit.


$16.99 (tax incl.)