Turtle - MP3

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TURTLE Guided meditation inspired by the ancient wisdom of nature. Turtle invites you to come out of your shell and give a little snap when warranted. Turtle has you feeling like your have been wrapped up in the arms of…


The turtle shell protects envy, hurt and jealously.  Protect yourself if you feel the need.  Go inside and reflect, honor your emotions and surface when you are ready.

The key characteristics of the Turtle are:

Mother Earth  longevity  water  

creation   opportunity  innocence

   protection stability  Divine Order

Pranayama can be translated as breath, our most vital life force.  During our daily activities we don’t think about breathing.  There are various method to improve respiratory capacity and stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system; bringing it back to balance.  This is a major factor in relieving stress and feeling overwhelmed.  In the Relax to Go series you will be guided to breathing techniques and meditation accompanied by water sound effects and elegant female vocals.

Meditation enables you to quiet your mind.  Clearing your thoughts and mind chatter.  It allows you to be still, letting thoughts drift away like clouds.  It is a way to let go and give your body and spirit time to unwind, repair, and rest.  Immediately following meditation you will feel tranquility, peace and have more energy.  There are many techniques and method for meditation.  This MP3 download/CD is a tool that will easily help you meditate.  You don’t have to know how and you don’t have to be an expert.

Meditation has been proven to give you greater happiness, healthier immune system, better outlook, clarity with challenges that come up, and they will!  Guided meditation and imagery can help physical and psychological changes.  You don’t have to twist into a pretzel pose and breathe heavily or meditate for hours to receive the benefits of meditation.

Enjoy all of the 20 CD’s in the Relax to Go™  collection.  Experience deep meditative, restorative peace in minutes.  Optimum health in your mind, body and spirit.

$16.99 (tax incl.)