Elephant - MP3

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ELEPHANT This guided meditation easily and effortlessly guides you with the energies of the magnificent and royal elephant. Gentle sound effects, feel good music infused with subliminal messages. Your memory will be peaked and refreshed. Authentic Asian percussion with flute;…


This animal guide, the elephant is the largest living mammal.  They are very social and greet each other by intertwining their trunks.  Aristotle said “the elephant passeth all others in wit and mind”.

The sparkling gems and amazing qualities of the Elephant are:

social        affection        love

soul evolution    closeness

wisdom    family    

discernment      majestic

Sometimes you meet your animal guide when you least expect it.  You admire this beautiful creature for its kind offering of messages, its distinctive traits and symbolic meanings.  Stirring your curiosity and emotions.  Many civilizations know that animals contribute to your spirituality and come to you as a teacher or guide.

The more you find out about your animal spirit guide, the happier you feel within yourself.  There is a connection, an understanding.  Each relaxation MP3, download or CD has a personal meaningful message just for you.   You easily get into your zone and feel a Oneness with all that IS.  Synchronicities flow to you frequently.  It is so amazing and exciting.

There are numerous links to the animal kingdom.  They are found on official royal seals and emblems dating back to 3000 BC, animal art is etched on temples.  Playing key roles in societies like the Native Americans, Hindus, and Christians.  Their messages are available to you.  The animal kingdom can bring you closer to the Creator.  Immense happiness, freedom, peace and abundance are yours.

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$16.99 (tax incl.)