Black Panther - MP3

$16.99 (tax incl.)

BLACK PANTHER Guided meditation and feel good music vibrates and resonates at the highest level. Celestial voices sing to you warming your spirit, while you reclaim your power. Choir orchestra, African rhythm and drums.


The Black Panther will encourage you to invite passion into your life. Their eyes are hypnotic, they also represent sleekness and reinvention. The Mayan’s believe the darkness reveals answers, healing in the light. You will immerse yourself in the Black Panther’s magic. Angelic vocals, the sound of the Black Beauty, wrapped with embedded messages from this wonder of nature.

The Black Panther’s message:


reinvention      intuition


avoid distractions      amazing life      wise woman

This guided meditation and relaxation audio will give you the feeling of freedom and inner-peace. Many times people are told to “deal with it”. Deal with it how? Sometimes not knowing… I have felt that way before, feeling overwhelmed and exhausted by deadlines, demands, responsibilities and sometimes what the daily mundane stuff brings. Everyone reacts to stress differently. When you release what is causing you the greatest emotional stress, there is enhanced creativity and resilience. It frees you to enjoy and complete other stuff.

Integrating your daily meditation practice is fun and easy with these audio series. Guided visualization, affirmations, gratitude, sound healing, nature. All of these are essential for your relaxation and well-being. You are about to learn the easiest way to meditate.

Find a comfortable place, just for yourself, 15 minutes of bliss. Turn on the audio, relax and listen. That’s all you have to do. This guided meditation is created, putting you into a relaxed flowing state of ease, calm and inner happiness. Like me, I’m sure you know how important it is to relax for your health. Sound easier than it is. Life has a way of keeping us busy, busy, busy. Make a little room in your calendar daily. You will relax your mind and release nagging thoughts that are counter-productive. Enjoy higher frequencies of energy.

Enjoy all of the 20 CD’s in the Relax to Go™ collection. Experience deep meditative, restorative peace in minutes. Optimum health in your mind, body and spirit.

$16.99 (tax incl.)